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 This Website is dedicated to the Radio and Television Arts Class that started the program in September of 1973 at Confederation College located in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

Confederation College

Right now we are searching for all our classmates, if you are one of them, please get in contact with us, Certain ones for various reasons did not complete the full 2 years, but we still want to hear from you. If you started the program in 1973, make yourself known to us regardless if you completed the 2 years or not.

We also want to collect pictures (even videos / audio recordings) from our college years and make them available to all, if you have pictures to share please click on the pictures link then click uploads where you will be given instructions in regards to scanning those pictures and uploading them to us, they will be made available to all to download. If you want to mail to us material then click 'contact us' and email us with what you have and we will provide a mailing address to you.

To contact us click on the 'Contact Us' Link in the menu at bottom.
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